Fast-drying Alkyd Enamel

If you value high quality and reliability combined with excellent protection of the protected surface - Bato Alkyd Enamel will be the perfect solution. The paint creates coatings with a short drying time, very good adhesion to the substrate, good anti-corrosion properties and mechanical resistance.


Preparation of the surface for painting:

Steel, cast iron and metal surfaces need to be primed with a quick-drying anti-corrosive primer. During renovation painting, remove old, flaking coating and traces of corrosion.


Application methods:

Hydrodynamic or pneumatic spraying, paintbrush, roller.


Theoretical Coverage:

Approx. 9 m² / l with one coat, depending on the method of obtaining and the choice of painting technique.


Preparation of the paint:

Before painting, the enamel should be mixed in time and, if necessary, diluted with BATO's "Launching agent for phthal-carbamide products".


Drying time:

at 20 ° C and 65% relative air humidity

Stage 1 - max. 1 hour

Grade 3 - max. Four hours

Time of complete drying of the coating: 1 day


Storage of paint:

The enamel should be stored at a temperature of 5 ° C-25 ° C, in tightly closed packages, protected from the sun

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