Polyvinyl paint Roof Gutter Fence

You are looking for a paint that you can easily and quickly paint a roof, gate or fence. Do you need a durable, resistant product that can be used to coat steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces? The choice is easy - Polyvinyl paint Roof Gutter The Fence can easily cope with these tasks.


Preparation of the surface for painting:

Galvanized and aluminum: Unsealed surfaces should be degreased and lightly etched with BAMOCYNK, and finally rinsed with clean water. Seasoned galvanized surfaces: remove zinc corrosion products (white rust), e.g. by abrasive sweeping or cleaning with a plastic brush, and then degrease. Steel: New structures should be degreased and cleaned to Sa2 grade according to PN-ISO 8501-1.
Renovation: Remove the old, peeled paint coat and traces of corrosion, degrease the surface and clean with a method appropriate to the conditions and shape of the structur.


Application methods:

hydrodynamic or pneumatic spraying,  paintbrush, roller.


Theoretical Coverage:

Approx. 9 m² / l with a single coat, depending on the preparation of the substrate and the selected painting technique. It is recommended to lay 2-3 layers at intervals of 6 hours from the previous layer.


Preparation of the paint:

Before painting, the paint should be mixed in the packaging and, if necessary, diluted with BATO's "Polyvinyl Thinner". Do not use gasoline for varnishes.


Drying time:

at 20 ° C and 65% air humidity

Step 1 - 40 minutes

Grade 3 - max. 3 hours

Drying time of the coating: 1 day


Storage of paint:

The paint should be stored at the temperature of 5 ° C-25 ° C, in tightly closed packages, protected from the sun.



Paint flat surfaces with the product from one production batch, after the product has been thoroughly mixed in each package.

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