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Laboratory is the place where our products are made and goes to the production site and finally to our customers. Our well-equipped laboratory make sure that every analysis and production of TK Bato is on the highest standard. Chemical and application analyzes allow determining the suitability of a given product for a specific application. High qualified lab staff prepare documented testing procedures that guarantee repeatability of tests in the form of standardized methods.


We carry out research for our own needs, as well as provide external services. Research that we are able to carry out include:


For Solvents:


  • determination of density according to the standard: PN-C-04504,
  • determination of boiling point limits according to the standard PN-C-04512,
  • determination of water content according to the standard PN-EN ISO 12937,


For Wet film paints:


  • leveling eg: PN-89/C-81507,
  • determination of paint eg: PN-EN ISO 16862,
  • density eg: PN-EN ISO 2811-1,
  • viscosity eg: PN-C-81701,
  • solids content eg: PN-EN ISO- 3251,
  • determination of grinding (grindometer) eg: PN-EN ISO 152,


For ready coating:


  • degree of drying eg: PN-79/C-81519,
  • gloss test (gloss meter) eg: PN-EN ISO 2813,
  • color determination (spectrophotometer) according to the standard PN-EN ISO 7724,
  • determination of flexibility eg: PN-EN ISO 1519,
  • impact strength eg: PN-EN ISO 6272-1,
  • adhesion eg: PN-EN ISO-2409,
  • coating thickness eg: PN-ISO-2808,
  • abrasion of paints eg: PN-76/C-81516,
  • pendulum damping test (coating hardness) eg: PN-EN ISO 1522,
  • corrosion test in artificial atmospheres test in atomized brine eg PN-EN ISO 9227,


Furthermore, we check the resistance of the coatings to: UV radiation, water and other chemical agents, as well as observe the behavior of the coatings in natural weather conditions at the climate stations.

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