Paints for agriculture

Demanding working conditions, atmospheric and mechanical factors have a major impact on the condition of agricultural machinery and equipment and its components. Thanks to their properties, Bato paints perfectly cope with all obstacles, effectively protecting the surface against damage and preventing the development of corrosion.

Fast-drying Alkyd Primer-Finish

Intended for independent protection of steel, cast iron and metal surfaces and for renovation of old paint coatings. Recommended for single-layer painting of machine elements, devices and structures. For use in corrosive urban and industrial conditions.

Can be also used as a primer for phthalic, modified phthalic and chlorinated rubber enamels. Forms coatings with a short drying time, very good adhesion to the substrate, good anti-corrosion properties and mechanical resistance.

Provides good adhesion to the next paint layers. The paint will find practical use in the agricultural industry.

Bicomponent polyurethane finish paint

It is designed for final painting of steel, galvanized steel and aluminium surfaces primed with chemically resistant epoxy paints or polyurethane paints for priming used in aggressive atmosphere of industrial and coastal environment. Used for painting steel structures, oil tanks, fuels, gases, as well as pipelines, boilers, tanks and industrial installations. To protect concrete surfaces of viaducts, bridges, silos, etc. Polyurethane enamel is a chemically hardened two-component product. The cured coatings are well adhered to the substrate, with high gloss, abrasion and mechanical resistance. The coating is resistant to solar radiation and aggressive atmospheric factors.

Bicomponent polyurethane primer – finish paint

It is designed for self-painting of galvanized steel and galvanized steel surfaces in places where excellent weather resistance, high colour and gloss durability are required. It is used for painting steel structures, tanks, machines and equipment. Polyurethane hybrid (primer – finish) is a chemically hardened two-component product. It contains active anticorrosive pigment - zinc phosphate. Cured coatings are well adherent to the substrate, semi-matt, flexible, tight with high abrasion resistance.

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