Paints for blacksmiths

Our paints have properties that fulfill not only protective but also decorative functions. They are characterized by high durability and aesthetic values. Therefore, they will find practical application in artistic blacksmithing and metalworking when painting or decorating forged elements as well as balustrades, gates, fences or handrails.

Patina Paint

Intended for protective and decorative painting of metal and non-metal surfaces (ceramics, concrete, wood, plastics) and for  decorating steel elements of gates and fences painted with "Rustikal" paint. For use in indoor and outdoor atmospheric conditions.

The paint will be used in artistic metalwork and metalwork.

Polyvinyl Paint Rustikal

It is designed for direct painting of steel, cast iron and galvanized surfaces in order to prevent corrosion and to give the surfaces a decorative texture of metallic gloss of sandblasted steel. Thanks to exceptionally decorative coating, it is used for painting gates and fences, lighting poles, commemorative plaques, decorative railings, etc. Ultimately, it may be "wiped out." (patinated) with BATO** patinating paints, which results in the aging effect of non-ferrous metals. The paint can also be used to paint concrete and wooden elements in order to achieve a uniform colour scheme of the surface. It is a high quality, matt (metallic gloss), well adherent to the surface, flexible, resistant to external corrosive conditions.

Hammer Paint

One-component air-drying paint designed for independent, primer-free corrosion protection and decorative steel, cast iron and metal surfaces. Paint forming semi-matt coatings with a HAMMER effect, with a short drying time, very good adhesion to the substrate, good anti-corrosive properties and mechanical resistance.

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